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"The king of audio, Alberto has great intution, taste and a magical inclination towards the sublime. An expert in his field."

- Keith Mulligan , Musician - The Hooks

"Alberto is an exceptional engineer and human being. Like any world-class engineer, he has a great ear, fine attention to detail, problem solving skills, can-do attitude, ultimate professionalism, and endless patience. The reason I have worked with Alberto so often is that he's a musician who can quickly make sense of complicated contemporary classical music scores. He's also a good person to hang out with for many hours at a time while tracking/editing/mixing. As a classical musician specializing in modern music, I am grateful that I can just give Alberto a score to any piece at the start of a session and we can get to work with minimal discussion."

-Meerenai Shim, Flutist - Label Owner

I am a San Francisco Bay Area based mixer, audio engineer and music producer. I also have years of post-production experience as an ADR mixer, Loop Group mixer, Foley mixer, soundtrack recordist and mixer, dialogue and music editor. Additionally, I am very experienced in voice over recording for radio, audiobooks and podcasts.


Born in Mexico City, and coming from a multinational (Mexican and German) family, I have had the opportunity to be immersed in many different cultures and have been directly exposed to various unconventional musical genres. I am a fluent native Spanish and English speaker and have basic German language skills.


At the age of seven, I began to study the saxophone, beginning with alto, then moving to tenor and finally baritone saxophone. I was academically involved in music from elementary school through college and have a deep understanding of music theory and am fully musically literate.


I was a staff engineer at the legendary Fantasy Studios for over ten years and have had the opportunity to work on projects and with artists from all over the world and from very different genres making me well rounded and versatile.

I have had the honor of working with Journey, Dave Mathews and Herbie Hancock, Lil Wayne, Train, George Winston, Bruce Cockburn, Marvin Winans, Shelia E, Neil Young, Robin Williams, Sir Patrick Stewart, Delroy Lindo, Danny Glover, and many others.


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