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Alberto  Hernandez  |  2600  10th  st.  Suite  602  |  Berkeley,  C.A.  94710  |  + 1  415  234  0287

       Alberto Hernandez is a San Francisco Bay Area based audio engineer, music mixer and music producer. He is a P&E voting member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs. Alberto also has years of post production experience as an ADR mixer, Loop Group mixer, Foley mixer, soundtrack recordist and mixer, dialogue and music editor. Furthermore, Alberto is experienced in voice over recording for radio, audiobooks and podcasts.

       Born in Mexico City, and coming from a multinational (Mexican and German) family, Alberto has had the opportunity to be immersed in many different cultures and has been directly exposed to various unconventional musical genres. He is a fluent native Spanish and English speaker and has basic German language skills.

      At the age of seven, Alberto began to study the saxophone, beginning with alto, progressing to tenor and then baritone saxophone. Alberto was academically involved in music from elementary school through college and has a deep understanding of music theory and is fully musically literate.

      Alberto has had the opportunity to work on projects and with artists from all over the world and from very different genres making him well rounded and versatile. He has had the pleasure of being involved with project genres including:

  • Rock and Roll

  • Punk

  • Metal

  • Traditional Jazz

  • Big Band

  • Brazillian Jazz

  • Classical

  • New Classical

  • Opera

  • Chiptune

  • Folk

  • Tuvan Throat Singing

  • Hip Hop

  • R&B

  • Pop

  • Cantor

  • A capella

  • Choral

  • Math Rock

  • And many more


      Alberto has had the honor of working with Journey, Dave Mathews and Herbie Hancock, Lil Wayne, Train, George Winston, Bruce Cockburn, Marvin Winans, Shelia E, Neil Young, Robin Williams, Sir Patrick Stewart, W. Kamau Bell, Delroy Lindo, Danny Glover, and many others.